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Important New Policies Affecting Your Account!!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2002
If you are a new user or existing one welcome; but please take note of the following it may affect you:

The Globel counter has advanced and reached it's limit at this time for users a point where it cannot accept new applications for accounts…

this is due to the amount of and/or velocity of users on board and the limitations of a single server being capable of carrying this weight, additionally each new function I add to your counters capability makes it even better than before and obviously costs in processor time across all users and accounts...

To resolve this problem I have implemented the following:

1. When a new user now applies for an account with Globel it will be created but there will be a limit to how many can come on board at any one time and actually set up a counter at the given time, this is regulated by old users deleting their accounts when not wanted anymore and/or an old account being removed for some other reason providing unused space for a new account to be created.

2. When you submit your Email address to this system you automatically provide an address for me to contact you on and when issues such as this are resolved I will contact you, so it is a good idea to register so I can keep you informed on this and other software freebies provided…

3. In mid December I will be releasing another version of the counter that will not be as costly on the server itself but will provide a free counter service just the same but will also be nowhere near the functionality of the paid version.

4. The present Globel counter will continue to evolve with more functionality as I continue to develop it and all users that have the present version can still continue to use it for free whilst I do this although the later versions are time limited and any abuse of the counter itself will not be entertained.

Existing users:
Although it is not a condition by any means as my promise to you was to provide you with a free counter and I am not about to change my mind on this but please take note of the following:

1. The counter has reached a point of no return as above and am faced with several options and if you like you're counter; ask you if you can you afford the small fee involved please pay for it, if you can't or don't that's fair enough you will not be penalized because of your decision…

2. The money collected from all fee's will be used to get another server as I have paid for one and this particular scenario is like a big black hole, I can keep buying servers until I have nothing left including money; a situation I do not want to entertain also there is an obvious limit as a single programmer and it would eventually destroy the service anyway if I kept doing this so it's also not an option.

3. With what I have now and to keep the majority happy I will continue to develop the counter regardless but will impose certain limits on functionality to users that have not paid, the reasons for this again is as above i.e. as I add the extra's it pulls more demand on the server itself therefore causing a ricochet affect on everyone and this is also not an option.

4. If you have paid now I will stick to the amount you do pay now for the period paid no matter how many facilities I add to your account; BUT; please bear in mind the evolvement of this counter is not going to stop, I will continue to develop it over the period….
In other words a month from now fee's for the counter will increase because of facilities and capabilities added to it and the counters natural progression, these will always be proportionate and good value for money but not be repeated…

5. I need at this point to also remove between 200 to 500 accounts of the last counter accounts created this will be done on a last in first out basis, not a choice I wanted to be faced with but I am faced with no option if things do not change i.e. enough users paying for service of the counter, the ideal situation is to put all existing paid users on their own server within the limits so they do not suffer problems like was experienced recently with the server going out of commission a piece of hell I do not want to repeat to be honest and it goes completely against what I am trying to achieve and destroys unsaid faith in my service, you should stick with it because you like the service and because of it's reliability to you as a user and hence my actions to ensure this...

The new server is great and that's the way I wish it to stay with everything working like clockwork I know the limits of each server now and wish to contain this problem and not stress out another server, it may be bumpy until I remove the amount of users as said above but should always recover quite quickly because the machine itself is better and I have already removed without any option excessive accounts sending me 1000+ hits per day, the remaining accounts mentioned that I have again little option but to remove but am giving these users notice and the reasons for this decision, a lot of you have been very supportive with sending me very complimenting mails and I truly appreciate both your input and support of what I am trying to do here; and Thankyou, there is however a very realistic side to all this which literally forces me into this situation and so the need to impose these new regulations for the good of all my users…

If your account is numbered between 1000010000 or higher and 1000009500 these accounts are the first scheduled to be removed, if however you have paid for the service other accounts will be affected from 1000009000 to 1000009500 these are all the last accounts to be created and will have a reversing effect on all counter accounts until 500 in total are removed to help the server, if you need to know if this affects you or not and do not wish to pay anything look at your pasting code on your WebPage in the line:


Is the number of your account, after the Globel URL and before your counter name?

Please understand my reasons for taking this action and wish you the very best and do apologize for this unfortunate set of circumstances…

Thankyou for being part of Globels first steps:
If you wish to support Globel please go to:

For payment instructions and price…

Thankyou Everyone....

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