Global Or Globel What Is!

Global Or Rather Globel Essentially is the centralising databases for all of our services globally accessible to and from all our sites for things like your username and password, To Get "in this instance" your free webpage counter you will need to create an account at Globel itself!! The Proper spelling for our product and software is Globel And Not Global

Additionally all the control of your counter "in this instance" is taken care of at and by Globel in your very own control panel. Free Counters is the doorway to Globel for this particular service, all help files are located at free counters are associated with the counter itself this is primarily to spread the load across our Global Accessible Servers.

It is my sole intention to always improve this service its based at Globel mainly until all the major stuff is done and is referenced regularly for help and other parts of the Globel service itself all to do with counters and trackers only please use this as your home page for this purpose.