Q: Why Don't you Have Preset Styles In The Wizard?

A: Because quite literally there would be millions if not billions to choose from by presenting you with a interface where you can shape the counter into anything you like your counter can be ultimately unique on your WebPage if not the entire Internet, one slight difference produces a different counter additionally by doing it this way you can shape the counter to suit your page instead of using what every one else does the same boring counter, can you imagine scrolling through pages and pages of different designs this would actually take longer than building it for yourself.

However; saying all this there have been quite a few users that either stick to the original default design they are given when they first get the counter and/or remove everything so they just get the numbers these options are being thought about all the time as style choices and over time may make these style options available as presets for those not wishing to take on the wizard as he is turning into quite a beast.

For Example: each item on the counter has 256 colours to choose from i.e. say we only offered 2 font sizes for the digits of the counter and 256 colours for each font size already you have 512 different combinations and styles you could decide on......

Then if you multiply 256 by 7 the actual font sizes available you have around 1792 and that is without bringing into the equation the digits length which you can choose between 1 and 15 we now are getting into silly numbers 1792 was bad enough how about 26'880 in very simple math, can you really imagine scrolling through just that amount of style sheets on web pages because it does not stop there every new item we add to the wizards versatility multiples it's styles and options tenfold i.e. as it stands with the wizard you could quite easily equate and multiply 256 x 256 x 256 x 256 and get an error on your calculator because it's run out of numbers and combinations.

I really don't know if we will ever offer style sheets to choose from because there are just too many combinations involved the numbers make it near impossible "I very much doubt it in fact" and it's not over yet there are at least another ten items to be added to the wizard which again blows the above equation out the window and multiples the wizards options yet again, so you see the versatility of style of the Globel counter because of the wizard is becoming boundless and will continue to do So and really it's half a dozen of one and 6 of another what do you think.