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Q: My No Hit Cookie is Not Working?

If your counter "No Hit Cookie" decides not to work or will not work this usually means that either your browser is not accepting cookies and/or there is a Firewall issue in place, the No Hit Cookie is relentless "because it was made that way" and should without a problem become resident on your machine if you request it!!

In the case of a browser problem:
he following was very kindly submitted by one of my users:

my admin cookie has stopped working!!
your site states its there but going to pages admin does not come up now on windows XP pro and iexpl6 have stopped cookies emptied IEXPL of temp and cookies, still no joy!!
got it working by adding your site to the trusted sites un ticking https security section of IEX6

information for you!!
Note for XP users on your site?
Regards Roy

New help Section on this!

Thankyou Roy:
In most cases the No Hit Cookie will work but as the security issues of the Internet are resolved programs will become increasingly more reluctant to allow access from external sources, the above is an example with Microsoft's XP, most browsers are similar and in the future will cover most browsers here in this FAQ , for now check your browser is not restricting access to your computer where the No Hit Cookie is concerned.

In the case of a Firewall:
You will need to check your personal Firewall settings, also some ISP's restrict any kind of access including cookies, and this is an issue that can usually only be resolved by changing your ISP in the most extreme circumstances...

If you have a problem and manage to resolve it yourself please share it with all of us so that other users can benefit from your knowledge in that area, like Roy's example above will also be included in the FAQ; and as the FAQ advances "as well as the program itself" new areas will be included specific to a particular problem and remedy this helps everyone and commend Roy on his vision and input to this area!!


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