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Here you can see random counter styles from all the categories.
This is not the complete list! Much more styles are avaliable at the category pages!
If you see something that looks like a good start, click "See More Like This!" and you will see all the counter styles from that category!

Type= katt068
Type= katt120

Type= arabic
Type= indian

Type= prpsprt
Type= record

Type= crdclbs
Type= katt127

Type= kaishu
Type= redpckt

Type= katt042
Type= katt051

Type= smashp4
Type= yankace

Type= aflag
Type= ainv

Type= flame
Type= sw2

Type= mahjong
Type= who

Type= bills
Type= cold

Type= propelblack
Type= apple

Type= arabicb
Type= codo

Type= microblue
Type= small

Type= katt038
Type= sw1

Type= cledred
Type= led

Type= original
Type= mcis

Type= katt052
Type= zuul

Type= bttrfly
Type= kling