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Big digits Counters

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Type= banana
Type= bblack
Type= bblkblk
Type= bck-grn
Type= bck-old
Type= bck-red
Type= bck-ylw
Type= bckblue
Type= bckorng
Type= bckpink
Type= bckturq
Type= bells
Type= bgold
Type= bigwave
Type= bloody
Type= blue3d
Type= bones
Type= borange
Type= brsd
Type= chocolat
Type= colorit
Type= cosmo
Type= curtain
Type= drpgld
Type= drunk
Type= easter01
Type= enyapld
Type= enyarub
Type= eva01
Type= fairy
Type= flwrbd
Type= ghost02
Type= ghost03
Type= hp41
Type= jac
Type= katt058
Type= katt059
Type= katt072
Type= katt073
Type= lot
Type= lwvrb
Type= max
Type= mayflwr
Type= mgx
Type= ornamentblue
Type= ornamentgrn
Type= ornamentred
Type= ornamentwht
Type= ornamentyell
Type= prpsprt
Type= ransom2
Type= record
Type= red3d
Type= rednylw
Type= reflect
Type= sata
Type= wildoak
Type= katt041
Type= nr
Type= nrb
Type= satb
Type= satc
Type= satd
Type= satf