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Digital Digits Counters #2

Looking for even more free counters with digital digits? There you go!

(Select your counter by clicking on it)
Type= 3dangle
Type= 7segamberled
Type= 9blueshadow
Type= acro
Type= aflag
Type= ainv
Type= ainvfade
Type= aliasw
Type= amini
Type= angelus
Type= as
Type= atari8
Type= basic
Type= bbldotb
Type= bbldotg
Type= bbldotr
Type= bblltbl
Type= bck-grn
Type= bck-old
Type= bck-red
Type= bck-ylw
Type= bckblue
Type= bckorng
Type= bckpink
Type= bckturq
Type= bembo
Type= binky
Type= chicago
Type= checker
Type= clouds
Type= cntdwn
Type= crt
Type= default