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Digital Digits Counters #3

Looking for even more free counters with digital digits? There you go!

(Select your counter by clicking on it)
Type= digia
Type= digib
Type= digig
Type= digitalgrey
Type= digitalred
Type= eva01
Type= fcg1
Type= fdb
Type= fdc
Type= fdg
Type= fdr
Type= grndig
Type= grnemb
Type= grvygrn
Type= bars
Type= greendigit
Type= icedigit
Type= katt040
Type= lumnblb
Type= lumnous
Type= neg1digit
Type= odmeter0
Type= odmeter1
Type= odmeter2
Type= odmeter3
Type= odmeter4
Type= pdg
Type= pdp
Type= pdr
Type= pdw
Type= pdy
Type= scoreboard4
Type= scorered4
Type= sdg
Type= srclive
Type= yeldig
Type= zxnum16