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Type= badfrog
Type= bajbp
Type= bankgot
Type= bar
Type= bauhaus
Type= bblkfat
Type= blueblk
Type= bluneo
Type= digic
Type= doom
Type= elec
Type= fatpt
Type= fb
Type= grnneo
Type= indgs
Type= indgsb
Type= invdoom
Type= jelly
Type= katt011
Type= katt018
Type= katt025
Type= katt028
Type= katt052
Type= katt079
Type= katt096
Type= katt097
Type= lblneo
Type= lithos
Type= mblack
Type= mblue
Type= metabld
Type= neon
Type= pnkneo
Type= rainbow07
Type= redneo
Type= silver
Type= wgrneo
Type= wood
Type= wood3d
Type= zuul