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Happy Counters #2

Looking for even more Happy free counter?
Great counters styles that made specially for kids. Boys... Girls.... Free Counters.

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Type= cb
Type= colorbl
Type= colors
Type= grs
Type= halween
Type= heart
Type= heart2
Type= katt053
Type= katt054
Type= katt055
Type= katt112
Type= katt116
Type= katt134
Type= katt135
Type= katt142
Type= katt143
Type= katt144
Type= katt145
Type= katt146
Type= katt147
Type= katt148
Type= mom
Type= newyear
Type= newyear2
Type= ornamentsmall1
Type= paws
Type= postars
Type= pumpkin
Type= rain
Type= splot
Type= splotch
Type= splotch2
Type= sprocket
Type= sprocketred
Type= sun
Type= suncnt